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What about Sponsors?

Currently we do not have any Sponsors. And why would we? Who wants to sponsor a company that is going to make harsh judgments and criticize your product? Well companies willing to stand behind their product that's who. So even though we don't currently have any sponsorships please know that the first thing we will tell any prospective ones is that their product gets the same treatment as all the others, and if they don't make quality then we don't need the sponsorship. We will sponsor ourselves. But let me assure you this, if you see a sponsor on our page, then you can know they have a quality item.


Who are you guys?

We are hunters, fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts that have full time jobs, and work to play outdoors. We have gotten tired of spending our hard earned money on products that don't work as promised. We are tired of having to decide on products that will work but cost more, versus products that might work but will save us money.

Mission Statement

The mission of Gear Freak LLC is twofold. First to provide quality outdoor gear and apparel to our customers in a practical, useful and cost effective manner.

The second is to test our products and that of other outdoor manufacturer's and provide unbiased and straightforward results on their quality, effectiveness, value and advertised expectations.

We will strive to do these tests to the best of our ability and know how and provide the consumer with the results. We will go above and beyond for our customers.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple. Don't waste your time and money on crap. We have all purchased things that were advertised to be great, then let down by their performance. Well we are sick of it and tired of wasting money on products and gear that don't perform. We may not be experts in every field (or any field for the matter), but we push our gear to extremes. Anything from ATV Bags, to Trail Cameras, boots, rods, tents and whatever. Nothing pisses us off more than getting a new piece of gear and having it fail. So we are going to waste our money and time and test this stuff and to hell with advertising and TV faces. We will test our products and those of others to make sure they stand up to the elements, work and abuse they are sure to encounter, and we will let you the consumer know how well they do.


Probably the most common questions we hear... "let me ask you this, if you are a deer hunter and have looked at trail camera's, which one are you going to buy?" Which leads to more questions... "Cuddeback, Stealth Cam, Bushnell, Reconix, Moultrie? Will the $180 camera perform just as well as the $320 one? According to all the paid advertisements Cuddeback should excel right?" Our response is simple... If Bushnell works just as good or better and costs half the money, well now you can buy two and increase your odds of catching that huge buck on film. Or you can put up a lesser quality camera and spend time and money checking a camera that is not taking pictures all the time, and even worse missing that 180 class monster. The reason we do this is simple... you can waste your time and money and season after season testing trigger speed, battery life, distance of the flash, or you can let us do the tests, you watch the videos and let us give you the facts to make an informed decision. We do this so you spend your money on performance, not on an advertising budget.

What are you trying to do?

So our goal is twofold. First we are going to test products that people like us want to buy and provide you the consumer with an unbiased report on what we found and like. Second, we are going to try to bring to market products that you can feel confident on spending your hard earned money on. Being based in Northern Idaho we have a unique opportunity to run some hard core field tests on all the products. We have steep mountainous terrain as well as wetlands, farm lands, temperatures ranging from -10 degrees in the winter to 100 degrees in the summer. Although our roots are in Hunting and Fishing, we have guys that are into survival, backpacking, climbing, and just plain camping and outdoor fun.

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