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Patrick Krapfl

Patrick Krapfl / Prostaff

Patrick was born and raised in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. He grew up hunting and fishing with his father John, uncle Mike and cousin Jason. They spent a large part of their time rifle hunting Whitetails and Elk and spending an above average amount of time on the water, duck and goose hunting. After high school Patrick went to Arizona and graduated with a degree in Business Management and Finance from Arizona State. It was in AZ that he was introduced to World Class Elk, and the true abundance of them.

Even though Patrick had archery hunted before, He really started to focus in on archery while in AZ. He took a job doing sales for FedEx and after a couple of years found himself back home in Northern Idaho pursing all types of game. Patrick has a wonderful wife Julie, and two son's Michael and Johnl. "Every year I spend hunting I grow to appreciate the animals I pursue even more. I feel truly blessed to live in an area with an abundance of wildlife and a caring and supportive family that allows me to pursue my passion."
Patrick Krapfl

Casey Walton / Prostaff

Casey Walton was born and raised in Northern Idaho. He started his hunting career a little later but has found an extreme passion for it. Casey graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Civil Engineering.   He and his wife Julie are expecting their first child shortly. 
Jason Krapfl

Jason Krapfl / Prostaff

Jason Krapfl started hunting at a young age like most of the men in his family. There were many fall days spent in the field hunting Whitetail, or in a duck blind watching the birds poor in. Jason's pursuit of Elk took over and he spent many days in the rugged mountains of the St. Joe Wilderness hunting and shooting long distance. Jason is currently a manager at IBEX in Spokane Washington and has the support of his wife April and two lovely girls McKenzie and Brianna.
Kurt Larson

Kurt Larson / Prostaff

Kurt was born in Sandpoint Idaho, and raised in Twin Lakes Idaho. From a young age, hiking, fishing, and camping were regular events in his family. His introduction to hunting came from a father and step father who both taught him the joys of the sport. Kurt is grateful that his roots for hunting and the outdoors were planted at a young age, and have yet to stop growing. After high school he went to work and school to become an electrician and have been the lead journeyman at Stratford Building Corp. for the last seven years. Some of his favorite activities include backpacking, fishing, mountain biking and horseback riding. Still nothing surpasses his love for summer scouting and fall hunting.

The bow and arrow have become his weapon of choice, but variety is still the spice of his hunting life. Luckily his great wife Kaylee has been exceptionally supportive of his "obsession" and is getting use to the fact that every September she becomes a "hunting widow". He has only ever hunted DIY public land because of either time or money constraints, but the rewarding feelings, and many memories gained there have been irreplaceable! Although he has always had a fondness for solo hunts, he has learned that experiences had with good friends or family are hard to beat! He feels truly blessed to hunt the mountains of North Idaho and is anxious to expand his hunting horizons in the future!


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